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My book is centered on real life events. This narrative is a reference story based on the children’s parable, The Little Soul and The Sun. My book brings the reader into a new awareness of living and the roles of mystics and people diagnosed with some form of a mental disorder. The title, An Angels Testimony is an 200 page narrative about an angel, in human form, which rediscovers himself in the 21st century as an African-American.

Supported by other angels he meets on his journey, he overcomes crisis and despair through love, hope, and forgiveness. Through the connection of science, spirituality and fiction, readers speculate on whether or not the fundamental nature of their lives could be used as a healthy metaphor for a new way of thinking and being. Included in my book is a complimentary publication from the National Institute of Mental Illness, Men and Depression, which helps to bring support to this important matter.

My book is uniquely different and better than others on the market, as it is a revealing story, highlighting the benefits of understanding mental disorders as “evolutionary insights” versus “disease of the mind”. This book is inspirational in many aspects, so the reader is not only drawn into the story, but learns how “psychotic episodes” experienced by persons with “mental illness” are really insights of the children’s parable, The Little Soul and The Sun brought to life.

The market for this book will be the pioneers a.k.a consumers of the mental health system, seekers of self-help information, religious and non religious adults.


Igomene “Iggy” Joseph


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